Thursday, 19 September 2013

Arrowhead Water - Update on a 10-20 Bagger, with a mistake

This is an update on Arrowhead Water, which I profiled positively in May: At that time, it's most recent trade was $0.015. It closed today at $0.35, for a gain of 20 times the price from the time I wrote it up. Depressingly, I put in a limit order when I did the write-up to buy at $0.015, and never got a hit. The next trade was at $0.02, and it never traded below that again. It started to really move up in August, and the company announced the former management team of Western Wind would be taking over in September. They seem like a successful bunch, and the stock may have more room to run. But the margin of safety is out of the stock now, so any readers who took advantage might want to lock in some profits now.

There's a lesson here somewhere, but right now I feel like I'd rather have the $20,000 I would have made had I made my limit order $0.02 than the lesson.

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